1940's Swing Jive Classes
Learn to Dance Swing Jive Essex
1950’s Rock 'n' Roll Jive Classes
Learn to Dance Swing Jive Essex
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Welcome to Mrs. Dickie Bow's - Jive Dance Classes in Essex

With many years of dancing experience, covering a wide variety of retro dance genres and a passion about everything retro from cars to clothes, there’s no better place to scratch your itch to dance!

The classes at Mrs Dickie Bow’s are aimed at beginners who benefit from clearly structure delivery of moves and small sequences to get you out on the dance floor. You do not need to have any previous dancing experience. Our experienced dance instructor Rose will start with the basics and gradually build up until you start developing your own unique style for 50’s Rock and Roll style dancing and 1940’s Jive Swing.


No partner required | Friendly integration  | Developed if desired

Our resident dance instructor, Rose

Where do we dance?

Our dance lessons take place across two main venues in Essex, serving the local community a healthy dose of dance! Our retro dance classes include 1940’s style swing jive, Jitterbug, 50’s Rock n Roll Jive, Shim Sham, Strolls including The Madison and enough Social Dancing (such as a Social Foxtrot) for getting round the floor at any 1940’s event!

Mrs Dickie Bow’s can also offer small group bookings & workshop classes. Our dancers will be dressed to reflect the period of your choice.

So whether it’s for:

  • A Wedding 
  • Themed Party
  • Dance
  • Charity Function
  • Private Lessons
  • Community Events
  • WWII Events

We’ve got the dancers and classes for you!

Mrs Dickie Bow's is PRS Licensed to play official music and fully Insured.

Meet your instructor, Rose

Rose is the owner of Mrs Dickie Bows (formerly known as Mr Dickie Bows) established in 2012.  Rose is an instructor of authentic 50s Rock n Roll jive and 40s Swing dance.  Rose has danced her whole life from ballet & tap as a junior.  Dancing and competing in her teenage years in the discipline of artistic roller skating! However, her passion is with Jive dancing which suits her high energy for this dance.

Rose has a background within the education system, classroom teacher and qualified Assessor Verifier gives her the delivery ability she has for her classes today. This coupled with her 30+ years of dancing in her field gives a wealth of experience with the techniques her students will require to enjoy their dancing experience.

Rose believes that dancing is one of the best ways in which to keep fit, stretching both the mind and body, but most importantly it needs to be “fun”.  Rose has a sense of humour when it comes to class delivery and manages to put people at their ease.

Rose enjoys many other dances and styles and you will find her out there enjoying the social side of life that her dance school encourages.