Dance Shoes – how important are they?


Dances Shoes be kind to yourself

Dance shoesDance Shoes now there’s a thing! Wearing the right dance shoes is so important. Your dance shoes do not have to be expensive. If you are dubious about buying a pair straight off then come in a pair of shoes that are not too high, support your foot, are comfortable and have a leather or suede sole.  Trainers, sandals, flip flops, ballet pumps and shoes with rubber soles are not suitable. Shoes that are too loose will not support your foot whilst you are dancing and could lead to damage. Rubber soles will stop you from spinning, if you try to spin in rubber soles you will leave your knee behind and it could be a very painful injury – so be kind to yourself.

Dance shoes online

Once you feel confident that you want to carry on your dancing experience then it would be beneficial to invest in a pair of dance shoes. There are plenty to choose from I have listed below some that maybe worth looking at. Most shoes need to be purchased online – what I tend to do is try lots of shoes on when I see them at events and make a note of the size I need in that shoe. Some people are lucky enough just to buy straight off the shelf.

Blyer & Iris Allen shoes for both men & woman have a lovely selection try Swing gear or look online

Super dance if you prefer a more formal pair of shoes

Get your dance shoes on and join us

Having run dance classes for a few years now I cannot impress on people enough the importance of their shoes. I have seen a few sights in my time – so be kind to yourself and your feet. Why not come and join us at Mr Dickie Bows if you are in our local area.