Learning to dance is easy with Mr Dickie Bow


Why learn to dance

Learning to dance can be a daunting experience for some Mr Dickie Bows will try to make it a more comfortable event.  We have a very successful reputation for bringing many people into the dancing scene for 40s Swing dance and 50s Rock n Roll jive.  Learning to dance will firstly increase your daily activity each class can yield around 5000 steps which could be of great benefit.  There are also recent findings to show that dancing activates the mind and body in unison a great way for keeping the mind active and hopefully a way to keep dementia at bay.

There is also the social side of dancing you will meet new people and hopefully forge new friendships.  Many people have met through our dance classes and now meet up at dances outside the classes.  We will try to keep you informed of local dances were you can go and practice and enjoy great music.

Learning to dance is easy – Veterans in their field

learning to danceWe have a wealth of experience in delivering our classes I am confident as a lead and follow understanding how it should feel for both dancers.  We are Veterans of our dance and bring all the technical and life skills knowledge to the fore.  Our already established class benefits from my 20 years of classroom teaching of young adults and seniors.  I am fortunate enough to be able to use this experience for the benefit of classes.

In our classes we will break down the moves and explain the technical side of hand holds and how it should feel.  We will never push you to uncomfortable and provide an exciting a varied program.

So why not come along a join us – you will be welcome.  Contact us on our website or FB page Mr Dickie Bows.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We hope to see you out there soon.