Learning to jive with Rose


Learning to jive with Rose

learn to jiveat Mr Dickie Bows couldn’t be easier.  Mr Dickie Bows has been through some changes over the last year but still continues to teaching many people to jive.

Benefits of Dancing

Rose is  teaching the classes with a new enthusiasm and motivation.  Getting people enjoying jive and finding the fitness benefits of dancing.  Class numbers have remained solid throughout the changeover period with little to no disruption.  Positive changes have been made to delivery, class running, technique and music. This has proved to be very successful.

Learning to jive with Rose at Mr Dickie Bows will be a great way to improve overall fitness.  Giving you the opportunity make new friends and join us out at social events.  Mr Dickie Bows is a welcoming group and always willing to support new people into the group.

Don’t be shy if you have always fancied learning to jive or your partner wants to learn bring them along and start a wonderful dancing journey with us.  Beginners are always welcome and usually integrate well into the existing group.


Learning to Jive with Rose

Monday 40s Swing Jive Ashingdon Memorial Hall SS4 3HF (not Bank Holidays)

Thursday 50s Rock n Roll Jive Rawreth Village Hall SS11 8SH (not last Thursday in the month)