Mr Dickie Bows or Mrs Dickie Bows

Well as most of you are aware Mrs Dickie Bows is now running Mr Dickie Bows.  The name will not change but everyone is very aware of the reasons behind the changes.  Mr Dickie Bows has been established now for some time.

Authentic 50’s Style Rock n Roll

Learn to Rock n Roll 50s style, keeping very much in the authentic vain of Rock n Roll.  This is not a modern jive class.  Rock n Roll is danced on a different beat; it’s much faster and very less complicated as dancing goes.  I’m not knocking modern jive, Rock n Roll is very much about the music and the speed.  So you can try all types and make your own choice of which you prefer.

Mr Dickie Bows learn to jive

Rock n Roll – Easy to learn

Rock n Roll is not a complicated dance and easy to learn.

I break the moves down into small parts and always cover the core moves each week. Once you have started your dancing journey you can get out and enjoy the local social Rock n Roll scene.  There is always something going on at the weekends and you can meet up with others from the class.  People are very friendly and enjoy dancing with other like-minded people.  There’s a whole new world out there just waiting for you.

Why not come along to a class – no pressure – pay as you go so if it’s not for you – it’s not for you and you haven’t spent money on a course you are not going to attend.  So nothing ventured nothing gained.

The benefits of dancing are huge it could help you lose weight, get fitter and meet new people all at the same time.

Give Mr Dickie Bows a try – and unleash your potential

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