Learn to Jive now Happier Times Are Returning


Mrs Dickie Bows – Learn to Jive

With the vaccination program in full swing and Boris keeping to the road-map the future is looking optimistically good.  The classes will open fully on 21st June 2021 for everyone to attend as we use to do – Government willing of course.

It has been difficult times for all businesses and of course our own personal lives, mental and physical well-being.  I found the months of January and February incredibly hard with it getting dark so early.  Some of us managed to get out and about to parks last summer, and there are a few events starting to happen now, so an opportunity to get out.  It will be lovely to see familiar faces again it’s been quite a long time.

I did take a small break from social media but still noticed many of class members making small bubble groups which was lovely to see. I think lifelong friendships will have been made through this period so a positive at least.  The pandemic has given me time for personal reflection and certainly a growth of my own well-being and a gratefulness of solace.

Ashingdon Memorial Hall & Rawreth Village Hall

So as we come out of the pandemic I will be opening my doors at Ashingdon Memorial Hall SS4 3DT and at Rawreth SS11 8SH. I did not think it would be so long! Both classes will be starting as before at 7.30 pm Ashingdon will finish at 9.30 and Rawreth at 10.00 pm.  Ashingdon will re-open on Monday 21 June and Rawreth 24th June (which is the last Thursday of the month) but the other group using the hall are not starting again until July. So I decided to take it because I simply can’t wait another week. 

Please bring your own drinks

At this moment in time I have no intention of changing the class prices, and hope that the halls do not try to claw back for their losses, but that will be one to wait and see.  One change I will be making is that I will not be providing refreshments. I feel there is too much risk in the cups and the bottle touching etc.  So please bring your own is a sealed bottle – I thank you so much for this.

Learn to Jive – retrieve your fitness back

Let’s try to get back to fitness! I know you are a very fit bunch of people and are itching to get your cardiovascular system working again. My own stamina and energy levels have been affected by the inactivity which none of us are use too.  I managed a few small pockets of dancing and my “Fitbit” certainly gave me the detail of how good for you dancing is both physically and mentally. 

Taking it Slowly

I am very excited about seeing everyone again. I’m not sure how I am going to cope with being up past 10.00 pm.  I’m absolutely not use to it and it’s gonna take a bit of getting used to.  The classes I aim to start us off again slowly for stamina, cardio and muscle memory.  We will build this slowing together to reclaim ourselves really can’t wait.

Any questions you have please contact me. I will be happy to answer them for you.

Not long now everyone and we can dance again

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